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A complete electric cattle fence kit includes everything you need to set up an electrical fence to keep your herds contained. A high tensile electric fence will provide you with a durable and reliable barrier to protect your animals. Whether you’re raising chickens, caring for baby goats or breeding horses an electric fence is an excellent deterrent for predators like wild dogs and wolves. The kits are a great way to get started in this type of fencing.

Cattle Safety and Security: Choosing the Right Electric Fence Kit for Your Herd

The kits come with all the components you’ll need to construct an electric fence including the charger, a battery and all of the wires and insulators. Some of the kits will also include a pole and some will even have a solar option. The charger, which is the brains behind your fence, will be charged with a battery that will power the entire system. When you are choosing your energizer, make sure to choose one with enough joules to cover the size of your herd(s). It’s best to overestimate when purchasing an energizer as this will ensure that the battery can handle any future expansions you might have.

When installing your fence make sure to ground it properly with a minimum of 3 feet of rods. This is a must because poor grounding causes over eighty percent of all problems with electric fences. You can use the included volt meter to check your fence’s grounding. If it isn’t bringing up a reading, you may need to add more ground rods.

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