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The property purchase process is complicated and can be overwhelming. It can take up to a year from contract signing to settlement and beyond. With a professional conveyancer, you can rest assured that the process will be done correctly and efficiently. The team at haitch conveyancing will work closely with you every step of the way. You can call them or check online for an update on your progress at any time. They will handle everything including liaising with your agent, bank over finance and preparing the required legal documents.

How do I choose a conveyancing?

Established in 2016, haitch conveyancing is a Melbourne-based company with a highly motivated and experienced team of property lawyers and conveyancers. They are passionate about delivering outstanding results for their clients. They will use their vast experience to guarantee that your transaction goes smoothly and is free from stress.

As a leading provider of Melbourne property conveyancing services, JJ Legal provides comprehensive assistance to clients who are purchasing and selling residential properties. Their conveyancing experts can help you with everything from preparing contracts and section 32 statements to obtaining relevant titles and property searches. They can also assist you with stamp duty calculations and disbursement accounts. They can also advise you on strata title matters and right-of-way access issues.


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