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Whether you are a plaintiff seeking compensation or a defendant fighting to protect your rights, a skilled civil disputes lawyer can help you. Civil law attorneys are experienced in non-criminal areas of legal dispute involving personal injury, family, real estate, employment and more. They have gone through years of formal education and are well equipped to represent you in court or outside of it, in a variety of legal disputes.

What is the highest paid lawyer?

The most common type of civil case involves a plaintiff seeking monetary damages. Monetary compensation could be awarded for injuries resulting from an accident or misdiagnosed medical conditions, as well as lost wages from a job termination or property damage sustained due to negligence by another party. Civil cases are often complex and require extensive research to prove liability and extent of damage or loss. It is a good idea to find an attorney selected through the Super Lawyers patented selection process who has a comprehensive understanding of the civil law in your state and is experienced in your area of need.

Class-action lawsuits are also a type of civil case that requires the services of an experienced attorney. These claims involve a large group of people and may result in massive compensation payouts. A knowledgeable attorney specializing in this type of litigation can help you gather evidence, interview witnesses and present arguments to the judge on your behalf. They are also obligated to uphold specific ethical and legal standards when representing your interests in this type of dispute.

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