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Choosing the best safari in namibia in africa is a very personal decision and you should only hunt with an outfitter that has an excellent reputation for safety, service, and quality. A great way to find an outfitter is to attend professional hunting shows and conventions around the country. These are typically hosted by the safari hunting, the International Foundation for North American Wild Sheep and many other groups. The outfitters that are featured at these shows will usually have references from people who have hunted with them in the past.

Affordable Excursions: Budget-Friendly African Hunting Safaris

The best time of year to hunt in Africa varies depending on the area, but most experts recommend booking your African trip for late August or September. This is when the temperatures cool down, making the terrain drier and more difficult for the game to move around. It is also the time of year when most animals have had their young, and are more concentrated near watering holes.

Most hunters prefer to hunt on a game farm rather than a wilderness area. The farms provide a safe and comfortable environment, and most are very family-friendly. These farms are ideal for hunters who want to book a hunt for multiple people or those with children.

If you are looking to hunt Big 5 in Africa, consider Motshwere Safaris & Outfitters. They are a high-quality African safari operator offering lion, leopard and cheetah hunts in their 200,000 acre private wildlife reserve.

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