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intelligent merchandising

In an online retail environment where shoppers have a limited attention span, effective smart merchandising is the key to driving sales. It’s a mix of art and data that leverages the psychology behind consumer shopping behaviors to create an experience that keeps shoppers coming back for more.Go here :https://www.retailexpress.com/

Smart merchandising is the process of using AI to make the decisions that impact how products are displayed across your site – including search results, dynamic homepage collections, product galleries, recommendations and more. It’s about leveraging the data you have and combining it with the power of AI to create intelligent product displays that increase conversion, order value, loyalty and customer retention.

The Future of Retail: How AI and Intelligent Merchandising Are Shaping Tomorrow’s Shopping

Merchandising with AI offers buyers and merchandisers the opportunity to leverage far greater volumes of data in near or real-time to automate and improve their allocation, replenishment, markdown and stock visibility processes. The result is greater efficiencies, better final margin and reduced waste.

Buyers and merchandisers can use the data to determine which sizes should be stocked in each store, when and where to place promotions and much more. Ultimately this leads to better decisions that are based on the right information rather than bias.

AI technology has also made a huge impact on the merchandising of direct-distributed brands. The ability to capture shelf conditions digitally and provide immediate guidance for field reps on their next steps is revolutionary. The result is a more efficient and accurate merchandising process that improves compliance, reduces out of stocks and supports shopper engagement.

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