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Medical billing companies maryland can take care of a huge chunk of the coding and billing work for healthcare professionals. Whether a local company or national software/cloud solution, these companies can help reduce expenses and eliminate human resource problems. This way, healthcare providers can focus on the specialized aspects of patient care while saving money at the same time.

What is medical billing and coding basics?

Its team is a group of certified coders, clinical professionals and medical office managers with years of experience. They can handle claim submission, tracking, EOB scanning, follow-up, advanced scrubbing for clean claims, payment verification, and more. They serve individual and group physicians, hospitals, non-physician practices, and facilities.

They provide medical billing services for a variety of specialties including maternal-fetal medicine, asthma and allergy, internal medicine, pain management, orthopedics and orthopedic surgery, family practice, and emergency room and urgent care. Its staff is highly qualified and trained and its billing software is updated regularly. It also places emphasis on continuous education of its staff and strict adherence to best industry practices.

The company is known for its streamlined service, which includes all aspects of business management such as medical claims processing, account receivable collection, accounting, and more. They have been in business for over 17 years and are dedicated to providing the highest level of client service and support. They specialize in working with small and medium-sized private practices, physician groups, hospitals, and DME stores & suppliers.

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