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A solid wiring infrastructure is a key component to a secure and high-speed network. The hardware system of wires and cables syncs computers, AV systems, phones, data centers and security apparatuses into one unified platform for safe and efficient use. Known as structured cabling, it adheres to industry standards that offer a more secure and reliable connection than older methods.

What is a typical cost of a network cable installation?

Our team of certified Network Cabling in San Antonio,TX professionals is fully familiar with all of the electrical codes involved, so even the most minor details like how tightly a cable tie should be pulled or the route the cabling takes through an overhead plenum space are addressed. It’s an important part of what we do, and it gives our clients the peace of mind that comes with a well-designed and professionally installed network cabling system.

TechLead can help with both wired and wireless networking to best meet your business goals. Wired networks connect via ethernet or copper wiring and use routers to manage your system. Wireless networking uses a radio frequency instead of wires to operate your hardware, and is typically used for laptops or mobile devices.

San Antonio has a long history of embracing the digital revolution and is now a Gigabit city, with internet speeds that exceed traditional broadband providers. You can enjoy Gigabit speed through services from Google Fiber, T-Mobile, or Spectrum. The City’s Public Works Department is a partner with these fiber providers, managing the construction and fiber deployment to ensure that residents have affordable access options in their neighborhoods and cities.

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