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NYC Dispensary

The city’s first legal recreational marijuana shops have started to open. Two years after MRTA passed and recreational cannabis became legal, NYC residents and visitors can finally buy marijuana legally from licensed retailers throughout the five boroughs. Check this out: Go here

Some dispensaries are offering delivery as well. Be sure to check with each one before you make a purchase.

When you’re ready to try the best legal weed in NYC, you’ll want to visit a store that offers top-quality products and knowledgeable staff. The nine locations on this list offer all of that and more.

You’ll find a great selection of marijuana-infused foods at many NYC dispensaries. Most of these places also carry prerolls and vape pens.

From Seed to Sale: The Journey of Cannabis in NYC Dispensaries

Despite the fact that New York’s law on marijuana hasn’t been fully implemented yet, plenty of illegal stores are popping up. The state’s Office of Cannabis Management (OCM) warns consumers to be wary of unlicensed stores, bodegas or corner stands selling marijuana that hasn’t been tested for quality and potency.

Some weed enthusiasts have tapped into their life savings, borrowed money from friends or family, and even put down mortgages to open a dispensary. If the court’s standstill continues, these entrepreneurs could lose millions of dollars. For example, Coss Marte and his cousins invested more than $1 million in their Lower East Side shop Conbud.

The first legal NYC dispensary is located in the heart of Broadway. Housing Works Cannabis Co was created to support the non-profit organization that advocates for homeless people and those living with HIV and AIDS. The store sells flower, prerolls and vapes as well as tinctures and edibles from LGBTQIA+-, BIPOC- and women-led brands.

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