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The UFA ทั้งหมด industry in Thailand has grown exponentially over the last decade, with a total value of the sector reaching 22 billion baht in 2019. However, this growth is not without concerns. While e-sports has become an extremely lucrative profession for many young people, not all gamers are successful in this endeavor. Moreover, gaming addiction is becoming a serious concern that needs to be addressed by both the government and game developers.

While it is possible to develop interventions to prevent gaming addiction, the most effective programs are those that begin in early childhood. It is also important to involve both the parents and the children. However, it is challenging to introduce a program to prevent gaming addiction in teenagers because their attitudes and behavior have already formed by this time.

Gaming Meets Tradition: Thai Influences in Online Game Design

When developing a game for the Thai market, it is essential to bear in mind the cultural peculiarities of the country. For example, western games that have been released without being localized into the Thai language are less likely to be popular in this region. This is partly because the general English proficiency in the country is quite low. Even the most popular messaging app in Thailand, LINE, has faced problems with the authorities after it was discovered that some of its stickers were poking fun at particular ruling figures.

For brands looking to reach gamers in Thailand, it is advisable to offer a variety of payment methods. For example, a casino online in Thailand should allow players to pay using digital wallets or local bank transfers. This will make the gaming experience more convenient for the consumers, and it will increase the number of players that the brand can connect to.

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