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carpet pre spray

Pre-spraying a carpet helps break down heavy soiling, grease and stains. This helps to prepare the carpet for a deeper cleaning, while reducing the use of chemicals and helping the extractor to remove soil faster.

Selecting the Right Product:

For best carpet pre spray that are heavily soiled, it’s important to find a chemical that can penetrate deeply into the fibers and help to eat away at the built-up dirt and grime. It’s also helpful to use a product that doesn’t leave any sticky residue on the carpet after it’s cleaned.

Bridgepoint Systems Flex Powder with Citrus Solv is an ultra concentrated, high alkaline prespray that starts to work on contact to dissolve grease and oils in minutes. It’s a great choice for any restorative job and is economical to use by costing pennies per diluted gallon.

Maximizing the Power of Your Carpet Cleaning with Pre-Spray

Applying the Pre-spray Properly:

It’s best to apply a pre spray using an in-line injection sprayer, pump-up sprayer or electric/battery-powered sprayer with an even overlapping light misting across the area to be cleaned. Then agitate the area with a soft brush, carpet grooming rake or cylindrical brush machine to evenly distribute the chemical.

It’s also helpful to use a carpet protectant after the pre spray has been applied to help to keep the carpet looking and feeling its best for longer. The protectant creates a chemical layer between the carpet fibers and accumulated soils that will clean up better on subsequent cleanings as well. Plus it prevents soil buildup and resoiling of the carpet.

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