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triple offset butterfly valves

triple offset butterfly valve have three separate offsets compared to the two in a double-offset valve. These offsets create a cone type shape for both the disc and the seating surface on the valve seat which makes this valve much more durable, robust, and hard-wearing than its double-offset counterpart. This also allows the valve to be used in applications with a high temperature that may deteriorate or damage a soft seat. These valves are typically used in more demanding applications where a tight bubble shut off is required or a tough sealing surface is needed that will provide zero leakage(soft seat) or rated leakage(metal seat).

The Anatomy of a Triple Offset Butterfly Valve: Exploring Its Key Components

This type of valve is ideal for applications with highly corrosive and abrasive materials, steam or high-temperature liquids, and can be found in many industries such as oil and gas processing, power generation and pulp and paper. Triple-eccentric butterfly valves are more expensive than other types of butterfly valves, but they offer a higher level of performance in critical service applications that require a high degree of precision with minimal maintenance requirements.

BM Engineering Supplies offers a wide range of quality triple-eccentric butterfly valves from reliable legacy brands like TRICENTRIC. Whether you need to control the flow of water, wastewater or another fluid, we have the right solution for your application and budget. To learn more about the different models we offer, contact our experienced team today. We look forward to assisting you with your next project.

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