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warehouse for rent

Renting warehouse for rent in fort lauderdale space is a great way to keep your inventory secure and organized, without having to invest in a large property. However, before you sign a lease, there are a few things you should consider.

How much space do you need?

A major part of a warehouse’s storage capacity is cubic footage, which is calculated by measuring the floor area and ceiling height. This will help you figure out how much space your company needs to store its inventory, as well as any other special equipment it may need.

If your products are stacked one on top of the other on pallets, you’ll want to make sure the warehouse you rent can accommodate these requirements. Additionally, if your shipments arrive in shipping containers, you’ll need to find a warehouse that can accommodate that type of container movement.

Why You Should Consider Renting a Warehouse with On-Site Maintenance

The cost of a warehouse is generally divided into three categories: base rental rate, operating costs (often called NNN or CAM), and utilities. In addition, you’ll need to factor in any maintenance, taxes, or insurance fees that apply to the property.

Fortunately, there are a few ways you can reduce your warehouse rental fees by working with a good real estate agent. One method is to maximize your vertical storage space, which can cut your overheads dramatically and reduce the amount you pay in rent per square foot. Another option is to use a triple net lease, which ties your lease payments to the operating costs of the property.

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