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If you need to get a qld estate lawyers or letters of administration application done, you can count on this firm to get the job done. They are experts in estate law and also offer a personalised service. They will help you to avoid any mistakes or misunderstandings during this stressful time.

They are a Brisbane-based law firm that specialises in wills and estate planning. They will prepare a tailored estate plan for you that takes your family and assets into consideration. They will also draft powers of attorney and legal guardianship documents for you so that you are protected if you become incapacitated in the future.

Understanding the Role of Estate Lawyers in Queensland: Your Guide to Effective Estate Planning

Their team of experienced and friendly lawyers is ready to assist you with your wills, trusts and estate planning needs. They will discuss your situation with you in a free, no obligation consultation. They are available to meet with you in person at their Brisbane office, by phone or via Skype.

You can file a caveat against an estate in Queensland to prevent the probate process from being carried out until the caveat is resolved. However, the court will only consider your caveat if you file a notice in support of it within eight days of being served with the application for probate.

Roxanne has been a qualified solicitor since 2019. She has extensive experience in preparing and administering complex estates. She is a member of the Wills and Estate Practitioners Association. She is passionate about providing practical and personalized advice to her clients. She has a 35-year background in the allied health industry and enjoys the opportunity that her law practice gives her to assist people in another aspect of their lives.

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